91st Annual Convention

April 7-11, 2021

Hilton Norfolk The Main

Norfolk, VA

92nd Annual Convention

April 6-10, 2022

Hyatt Recency Greenville

Greenville, SC

93rd Annual Convention

April 12-16, 2023

Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront

St. Petersburg, Florida

94th Annual Convention

April 3rd - 7th, 2024

Embassy Suites

Frisco, TX



The Rose B. Johnson  Award

Rose B. Johnson SCJ Article Award honors the author or authors of an outstanding, significant article published in the Southern Communication Journal. The recipient of this award is determined by the Editor and editorial board of SCJ through a process established by the Editor.

2018 - Karyn Sporer and Paige Toller

2017 - Lisa A. Flores and Christy-Dale L. Sims

2016 - Zoë Hess Carney & Mary E. Stuckey

2015 - Kathleen Hunt

2014 - Patricia Davis, Georgia State University

2013 - Wendy Atkins-Sayre, University of Southern Mississippi

2012 - Page Toller, University of Nebraska-Omaha

2011 - Daniel A. Grano, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

2010 - Deborah Thomson, East Carolina University

2009 - Christina R. Foust, University of Denver

2008 - James J. Kimble, Seton Hall University

2007 - Todd McDorman, Wabash College

2006 - Katherine Hendrix, University of Memphis

2005 - Michael Waltman, University of North Carolina

2004 - Carol B. Mills, Northern Illinois University; Austin S. Babrow, Purdue University

2003 - Kathryn M. Olsen, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

2002 - Suzanne Fitch, Southwest Texas State University; Roseann M. Mandziuk, Southwest Texas State University

2001 - John R. Stewart and Karen Zediker, University of Washington

2000 - Jacquline Bacon

1999 - Michael Pfau, University of Wisconsin; Patricia Moy, University of Wisconsin; Barry Radler, University of Wisconsin; Michael K. Bridgeman, University of Wisconsin

1998 - Robert E. Terrill, Indiana University; David Zarefsky, Northwestern University; Marouf Hasian, Jr., Arizona State University; Lisa A. Flores, Arizona State University

1997 - William Bailey, University of Arizona

1996 - Jill Taft Kaufman, Central Michigan University

1995 - Abran J. Salazar, Texas A & M University; Samuel L. Becker, University of Iowa; Virginia Daughety, University of Iowa

1994 - Calvin M. Logue, University of Georgia; Thurmon Garner, University of Georgia

1993 - Dilip Parameshwar Gaonkar, University of Illinois

1987 - Charles R. Conrad, Texas A & M University

1984 - David Zarefsky, Northwestern University

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