Convention Fees

SSCA Convention Registration Fees
Early Bird Registration Fee
(Closes midnight EST on Wednesday March 13, 2024)
Regular Registration Fee
(At Convention or after Early Bird deadline)
Regular Members
Student Members
Honors Conference Participants
Membership Categories (Please note that your membership must first be active before qualifying for the fees listed in the table above.)
LIFE: A one-time payment of $1,600 (or four consecutive payments of $400 equals a standing patron membership).
PATRON: An annual fee of $200 provides special support for SSCA, and includes convention registration fee, subscriptions to the four regional association journals, and listing in the convention program.
SUSTAININGAnnual fee of $100 provides membership privilege. Registration fees are included as long as the membership is purchased by the pre-registration deadline. (Members must still register for the conference once a sustaining membership has been purchased.) Registration after the pre-registration deadline is $30. Or, $130 for both membership and convention registration at the conference.
REGULAR: Annual fee of $65 provides membership privileges.
STUDENT: Annual fee of $30 provides membership privileges and is available only to full-time graduate students.
For more information: please e-mail [email protected]