SSCA's 82nd Annual Convention

Call for Participation


April 11 - April 15, 2012

The St. Anthony Hotel

San Antonio, TX

Global Communication: Customs, Challenges, and Changes

The theme for the SSCA 2012 convention will be “Global Communication: Customs, Challenges, and Changes.” As communication scholars we are able to examine human interaction in all its forms---domestic, international, face-to-face, mediated, etc. It is through such exploration that we discover how communication customs, challenges, and changes impact us globally and personally. For example, new technologies change behaviors, break customs, and create challenges. Some embrace new forms while others reject them. More specifically, take presidential elections. We no longer gather on the White House lawn to listen to candidates speak; now we can watch on television, the Internet, YouTube, and Facebook. The delivery of healthcare has been fundamentally changed as patients can now reference treatments across the globe and diagnose their own symptoms via the Internet. The world is made smaller in business as more and more transactions are global and conducted via conference calls, the Internet, and Face-time. Interpersonal communication has certainly been forever changed by the advent of text-messaging and other forms of mediated communication.
Our host city, San Antonio, shares our theme as well. This is where Texas history begins. The Alamo and the 18th century missions are legacies to the challenges of effective communication, as they portray the results of the clash of cultural customs and norms, both negative and positive. European settlers interacted with a native people— forever changing the face of the Southwest. Visit the Alamo, where historical customs are preserved for all generations. The festive customs of the area, along with the changes of the 21st century, may be found on the River Walk.
As Vice-President, I hope that you will plan to participate in this wonderful convention experience. I will be looking for papers, panels, GIFT ideas, roundtable discussions, spotlight panels, and more. I encourage co-division sponsored panels. There will be Vice-Presidential Plenary Speakers and spotlight panels. With the help of all of you, San Antonio is sure to be a great convention! Please look for the Call for Participation to be posted on our website and in our upcoming Connections.
Any questions may be directed to me, [email protected]. Happy Preparing!
Monette Callaway